Python (Django) or  Ruby (on Rails)

Python (Django) or Ruby (on Rails)

We identified 7 benefits that set Ruby on Rails apart from the competition:

  • 1. It’s Perfect For Web Technologies
  • 2. Saves Money
  • 3. Saves Time
  • 4. Active and Helpful Community
  • 5. Project Not Handcuffed
  • 6. Build Your Own Plug and Play Apps
  • 7. The Big Players Use It: Twitter, Groupon, Basecamp, Hulu.

Ruby on Rails is not only ideal for the larger companies, but it’s perfect for startups or local businesses as well. In a web landscape where you need to stand out to make something out of your project, Ruby on Rails allows your web application to break free from the standardization of template solutions at a cost that won’t cripple your bottom line.